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McKenzie Method

Self-treat Your Pain with Individualized Exercises

The McKenzie treatment approach we offer at Performance Therapy is a unique and extremely effective method to assess and treat the spine. It has been utilized by millions of people worldwide to reduce and eliminate low back pain, neck pain, and spine-related pain.

McKenzie is recommended by healthcare professionals across the country, including our own, who are committed to ensuring that patients are pain-free as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. That’s why Performance Therapy offers this effective, hands-on method to our patients in Carthage, Philadelphia, and Sebastopol, Mississippi.

This treatment approach promotes the body’s potential to heal itself without the overuse of medication, heat therapy, cold therapy, ultrasound, or surgery.

The goals of the McKenzie Method are to:

  • Eliminate pain
  • Restore function
  • Prevent recurrence
  • Minimize the number of visits to the clinic

The McKenzie Method emphasizes active patient involvement and consists of a series of individualized exercises. McKenzie therapy teaches patients how to prevent and self-treat future episodes of pain. The McKenzie Method incorporates a strong preventive strategy by teaching patients how to minimize the risk of recurrence and how to rapidly deal with recurrence if it occurs.

At Performance Therapy in Mississippi, our caring and qualified physical therapists have helped many people recover quickly utilizing the McKenzie Method and we can help you, too.

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