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Yoga: Help for the Mind and Body

Why has yoga, the ancient practice from India, gained popularity at physical therapy centers? Yoga is a low-impact exercise program that can help reduce stress and increase general health. Yoga has been shown to benefit both the mind and body.
There are many types of yoga, and the ones most popular in the United States consist of a series of movements, postures, and breathing techniques. The premise of yoga is that breathing is the most important part of health. Deep  breathing is used throughout a program. Mental concentration or meditation in each position helps to reduce stress.
Yoga routines can range from simple stretches to strenuous exercise. The stretches blend well with physical therapy programs. Physical therapists may use blocks or pads to help people attain the twisting and bending yoga positions. So give it a try! Yoga has been around for at least 5,000 years and is definitely not just a passing fad!

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